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Artist Valerie Won Lee’s Summer


Today I’m featuring self-taught artist, Valerie Won Lee, of Paris, France.  I encourage you to view more of her work at:  I find her work to be dark and whimsical, yet on a completely different path from Tim Burton.


What is the earliest picture you remember painting/ drawing?

 The earliest picture I remember drawing were eyes in the middle surrounded by a strong circular wind and a bird flying around the eyes. If I recall, I must have been around 7.


If you had to describe yourself as one color, what color would it be? Why?

Purple. Depending on the culture, the color purple represents spirituality, awareness, wisdom, royalty, healing, inspiration, dreams, mystery and even in some cases: nature. It is also known to be a very strong color in meditation as it balances the energy and strength of red with the spirituality and integrity of blue. It is for me an incredibly rich color.


Name two of your favorite artists and why are they your favorites?
I wish I could mention at least 10 as there are and has been so many geniuses but if I have to name two, then it would be the two which have been the most influential in my art work:

-Frida Khalo, for her capacity of proving that miracles are possible through art and through her own life.

-Salvador Dali, for his genius surrealism.


What’s the most interesting thing that happened to you over the summer?


10 days of meditation in Wales (UK), a great moment of inspiration and certainly a new start in my art career…


What’s your favorite work/ thing you created over the summer?


Vipassana (116X89cm) just before going to Wales.










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